MIAMI — Kansas City International Airport (KCI) has released the renderings of its intended million-square-foot terminal, which expected to be completed by 2023.

The stunning new terminal is expected to be opened right before the NFL Draft, which will take place in Kansas City, in April 2024.

The 50-gate terminal, which initially will only be fitted with 39 gates, will incorporate the use of materials that are warm, welcoming, and unique to Kansas City, as said by the airport’s management.

“Travelers will be impressed by the wide-open spaces the moment they enter the terminal,” says the airport. “Light and airy with a Kansas City feel, including our signature fountains, the KCI single terminal will be a very different journey than before.”

The new terminal building will be constructed on the current site where the closed Terminal A is located. According to the airport, both Terminals B and C will continue to operate until the new building is inaugurated. Right then, the airport will become a single-terminal facility.

The airport’s management also explains that the rationale behind constructing a new terminal follows the fact that “it will be cheaper and better to build a new single terminal than try to renovate the existing three terminals.”

“The existing space is too small and is the wrong configuration to accommodate larger planes, current security measures, covered passenger drop-off and pick-up and many other conveniences,” says the airport.

When completed, the new facility will become the largest infrastructure in Kansas City’s history.

Terminal Details

According to the airport’s masterplan, the new terminal will have a two-level curbside drop-off and pickup-design.

The new building will be attached to an all-new, two-level parking garage. “Two moving walkways will expedite transfers between the two concourses to make navigating the airport a better experience and consolidated and flexible security checkpoints with multiple lanes will accommodate the ups and downs of passenger volume,” explains the airport.

The terminal’s interiors will include natural wood ceilings, stone walls, fountains, and an interactive display that tells the history of Kansas City and the airport site.