MIAMI – The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) has welcomed Japanese architect Norihiko Dan to the team commissioned to redesign four small airports on the islands near the Taiwan region.

The agency employed Taiwanese architect Hsu Tsung-hsi and his firm to handle the planning and design, with a coordinated effort from Dan, the architect of Munetsugu Hall in Nagoya, Japan, and Sun Moon Lake Visitors Center in central Taiwan.

The 65-year-old Japanese architect also participated in the renovation of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) Terminal 1, a decade ago. Dan has already conducted on-site research, for the new project, at four remote locations: Penghu County’s Qimei (CMJ) and Wangan (WOT) airports, Orchid Island’s Lanyu Airport (KYD), and Green Island’s Ludao Airport (GNI).

According to the CAA, the objective is to turn them into “boutique airports” that highlight and exhibit local geographic and cultural features.

A representation of Ludao Airport’s expected interior design. CAA photo courtesy

CAA’s Comments on Expected Changes

During the expected renovations, the most critical task would be to incorporate the design into “local natural environments and cultures.” According to the information given recently to the Press by the CAA, the airports on the Penghu Islands, Orchid Island, and Green Island can therefore be converted into new tourist attractions and landmarks.

CAA says that the four terminals will be extended and rejuvenated with coral reef stone, other unique building materials, and endemic floral species. Construction is scheduled to begin simultaneously at the four terminals in 2023 and is expected to finish in 2025.

Featured image: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Photo: Ray Swi-hymn from Sijhih-Taipei, Taiwan – 20181104_TPE-CTS_4237, CC BY-SA 2.0,