Photo: Helsinki Airport

MIAMI – Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) buildout accelerates as Finavia continued the airport development program amid weak passenger numbers.

21.9 million passengers traveled through HEL in 2019 while merely 5 million did so in 2020, constituting a 77% drop in passenger numbers. One category, international transit travel, fell by 80% in 2020 with 713,000 passengers as opposed to the 3,571,900 of 2019.

An aerial view of Helsinki Airport, showing its convenient L-Shaped design with Terminals 1 and 2 visible on the lower and upper sides, respectively. PHOTO: FINAVIA.

A Mega Hub

Hoping for traffic numbers to increase as the pandemic eventually recedes, HEL will, via its renovations, be poised as a mega hub contender. In fact, renovations such as the Terminal 2 extension project are beginning this month instead of the planned 2022 start.

With an anticipated capacity of 30 million passengers per year, the prioritization of renovations will ensure that HEL is ready to reconnect the world with ease.

Featured image: Helsinki Airport

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