MIAMI – Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) in Finland has inaugurated a program allowing passengers to literally name the airport after themselves, according to an airport press release.

The release says that any passenger via a special website can enter their name while visiting HEL and then view it on an official sign on the exterior facade of the airport.

The renaming represents a move by the Finavia Corporation, which manages HEL, to dedicate the airport to everyday passengers as opposed to famous historical figures, according to the release.

Katja Siberg, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience for Finavia Corporation, per the release hailed HEL as “the first airport in the world to actually name ourselves after you, me, and all of us.”

Redeveloped HEL with Finnish-inspired architecture. Photo: Finavia Media Desk

Passenger Experience First

The renaming program, albeit temporary, resulted in 2,000 people renaming HEL after themselves in less than a week, according to the release.

HEL has been continuing a development project amid the COVID-19 pandemic before returning to normal operations in April with the renaming program celebrating the reopening of a revamped terminal 2.

Siberg in the release added that the “giant investment programme revolves around our passengers and creating a high-standard customer experience. Smooth traffic flow, attractive services and short transfer times are significant factors in improving Helsinki Airport even further.”

A one roof concept, consolidating airport services and lowering transfer times while highlighting Finnish architecture, is defining the development project, according to the release.

By allowing any visitor to rename the airport, the Finavia Corporation is sending a message that development at HEL is designed with passenger experience first in mind.

Featured image: Digital sign at HEL allowing passengers to rename the airport. Photo: Finavia Media Desk