LONDON – Heathrow Airport has released their passenger numbers for March, which despite even with the run-up to BREXIT which is currently set for October, has shown an increase for them in the number of passengers.

The airport saw Heathrow handle over 6.5 million passengers throughout the month which now means the airport has recorded their 29th consecutive month of growth, with the airport success in 2019 continuing to show.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “Despite Brexit uncertainty, Heathrow remains a bright light for the UK, with the role we play in keeping people and products moving evident.”

“Our new domestic connections will be pivotal in linking more regions and nations to global opportunities, benefiting all corners of this great country and we look forward to announcing many more of these as part of the expansion programme.”

Since January this year Heathrow has seen an increase in the number of passengers flying to and through the airport as it continues to hold it’s position as the largest Hub in Europe.

Heathrow once again in March saw an increase in the number of passengers from Latin American travelling to Heathrow with the number of passengers travelling from that region increase by 23 per cent on 2018, a remarkable increase in numbers which is down to not just the increase services to Brazil and the increase of flights to Mexico.

Africa was the second biggest growing region with an 11 per cent growth in freight travelling to and from, this is attributed to Virgin’s growth on routes to the continent.

The effects of how BREXIT will affect the role Heathrow and other UK airports may play in the European market once the U.K leaves are starting to show with European destination flights showing only small amounts of growth when compared to the other continents and regions served from Heathrow.

There was, however, an increase of 0.2 per cent in domestic passenger numbers.

This has come from British Airways’ increase of a second service opened to Inverness, Scotland, while Flybe launched Heathrow’s tenth domestic destination with their inaugural flight to Cornwall operated on March 31.

With the addition of this new route from Flybe, it saw their loads rise by more than 23 per cent so far.

All in all, it would appear that despite the uncertainty that remains for travellers and business over BREXIT, the ever-growing global demand will shadow the drop of travellers to major UK hubs such as Heathrow after BREXIT.