MIAMI – Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) has seen a huge drop in passenger traffic, leveling to 1970s numbers, Canadian news portal CBC News reported on January 13.

Just like major airports in the world, YHZ, located in Goffs, Nova Scotia, a rural community of the Halifax Regional Municipality, is also coming to terms with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic on its 2020 operations.

As stated in the portal, the Halifax Airport Authority “had projected four million passengers would fly in or out of the airport in 2020, with 17 carriers serving 46 destinations,” but “the pandemic killed those expectations,” with less than a million passengers going through YHZ.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Photo: Wiki Commons

Only Four Destinations, Two Airlines

Halifax International Airport’s CEO Joyce Carter told the portal as context the time traffic hit the same numbers of 2020.

“If you were to put that in context at the time, we would have processed one million passengers back in the 1970s. So the other Trudeau would have been our prime minister at that time,” Carter said.

At the time of the report, YHZ served only four destinations and only two airlines fly into the airport: Air Canada (AC), and WestJet (WS).

Regarding YHZ public safety protocols related to the pandemic, Carter says “she hopes that measures can be put in place at the Halifax airport to lessen the impact on travelers while still ensuring public safety,” and that ” federal and provincial regulations have severely affected air travel everywhere.”

Carter also stated that “that while the federal travel restrictions were necessary to protect public health, the federal government needed to ‘help support the growth and the recovery from the pandemic.'”

She also expressed optimism on a Canadian federal government economic relief for regional aviation, although she “is interested in seeing the details of the plan.” furthermore, The CEO also called for “a layered approach to making air travel safer,” with “PCR testing at the airport once more of the population has been vaccinated.”

Job losses at YHZ are at about 50% while the revenue losses reach several millions of dollars.

Featured image: Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Photo: Wiki Commons