MIAMI – Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) has installed three Novisphere pathogen eradication systems to render safer travel.

This new technology health protection system has been developed and produced just five months after Novisphere, a start-up company, was launched in November 2020.

GRB was the first airport to adopt the new system, a first in the United States, with three units strategically positioned in the baggage claim area, near the elevators and escalators while the third unit is positioned in the airport’s concourse B.

According to NoviSphere, the system responds to the CDC indications on how and where contaminations may occur such as enclosed spaces without adequate ventilation and air exchange or prolonged exposure to pathogens.

NoviSphere™ PE 254 pathogen-eradication unit at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport. Photo: NoviSphere/GRB

How It Works

As explained by a NoviSphere press release, the system works by pulling in room air and exposing it to germicidal UV-C light arrays which are sealed inside the units. The air circulates inside the unit for the time necessary to completely sanitize it by destroying all pathogens.

UV-C-based systems have been long used in hospitals but their adaptation to the large public areas has been challenging for Novisphere which has, however, been able to ensure a 99.99% destruction of germs and viruses including COVID-19.

Contrary to airplanes that have complex air filtration systems, airports do not have such sophisticated methods and represent the perfect place where virus transmission may take place. The Novisphere system can integrate a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, be hung on ceilings or walls, or installed on a cart to be moved around, mobility features interesting for airport use.

Image: NoviSphere

Comments from NoviSphere CEO

NoviSphere CEO Paul Lockhart, a former NASA astronaut and Air Force pilot commented, “The advent of COVID-19 upped the urgency of getting our pathogen eradicator into these environments. Our partnership with GRB demonstrates the airport’s confidence in our technology and is an important step in helping restore the public’s trust in traveling safely.”

He was joined by GRB Airport Director Marty Piette, A.A.F. who stated “During the past year, we’ve invested a substantial amount of time and money into processes, products, and equipment to ensure passenger health and safety during the pandemic.”

Image: NoviSphere

Featured image: GRB. PHoto: CC BY 2.5,