Photo: Geneva Airport

LONDON – Over the course of 2020, Geneva Airport (GVA) welcomed 5,600,884 passengers, 68.8% less than in 2019, as a result of the pandemic, which continues to severely hinder air transport after many months.

Such low figures have not been recorded at GVA in several decades. In 2019, the airport welcomed 17,926,625 passengers; in this respect, passenger numbers are not expected to return to 2019 levels until 2024, according to GVA.

Alongside this, over the last twelve months, the total number of landings and take-offs have fallen by 53.6% to 86,353 movements. A year earlier, the number of aircraft movements had fallen just 0.6% from 2018.

Finally, The number of countries served by GVA has decreased from 149 destinations in 2019 to 147 destinations in 2020.

Photo: Geneva Airport

Declining Freight Activity

Airfreight activity on the GVA’s platform also saw a significant decrease of 37.7% (-10.9% in 2019), dropping to 52,833 tonnes, despite cargo operations continuing to be successful during the pandemic –particularly for the transport of medical equipment.

Export freight fell by 40.2%, while a drop in import traffic of 27.2% was recorded. Only express courier companies continued to perform well due to an autonomous logistics organisation, which enabled a traffic increase of 4.15% in 2020, or 14,961 tonnes.

Featured image: Photo: Geneva Airport