MIAMI – London-Gatwick Airport (LGW) will start a public consultation on plans to upgrade its northern runway on September 9 to routine use alongside the airport’s main runway.

This secondary runaway, too near to the main runway to be used for simultaneous operations, has been used as an emergency facility but the expected long term traffic growth has brought the LGW management to revive the original 2018 plan after exiting from the investments freeze decided in 2020 in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To render simultaneous operations possible, the northern runway centerline has to be moved north by 12mt (39ft)and away from the main runway. The new runways set up will allow operations within international safety standards. Besides allowing more aircraft movement per hour, the increased capacity will reduce delays and congestion while rendering possible more global connections by increasing daily flights.

London-Gatwick Airport Terminal and Ramp – Photo: Gatwick Airport Media

Capacity at London Gatwick

Moreover, LGW capacity will be growing to approximately 75ml passengers per year by 2038, improve airport accessibility, highway access, and ecological and environmental improvements. The project will also meet the government policy to maximize the use of existing runways in a sustainable manner so to help to achieve the government goal of zero emissions by 2050.

“We would like to hear views from local people and interested groups on the proposed Northern Runway Project as part of our comprehensive public consultation process and encourage everyone to take time to review our plans." Stewart Wingate,… Click To Tweet

The airport management considers that the plans as a “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project” and considers applying for a “Development Consent Order” (DCO) to build and operate the scheme. Prior to applying for DCO, a public consultation of the local community will be run for a 12 weeks period, allowing anyone concerned or interested to post comments on the project.

The scheme will help secure the airport’s long-term growth, generating approximately 18,400 additional jobs by 2038 and an additional expected US$2.06bn (UK£1.5bn) of Gross Value Added (GVA) to the region.

London Gatwick Airport. Photo: Gatwick Airport media

A Dominant Hub for the UK

While commenting on the project, Stewart Wingate, CEO of LGW Airport, stated, “While we are currently experiencing low passenger and air traffic volumes due to the global pandemic, we are confident that Gatwick will not only fully recover to previous passenger levels, but has the potential to continue to grow back into one of Europe’s premier airports. 

Wingate went on to say, “Our plans to bring our existing Northern Runway into routine use will not only help to secure that growth but will also ensure many thousands of additional jobs and a vital boost to the economy for our local region.”  

London-Gatwick Airport is an important factor in UK’s national infrastructure, standing in second place in the UK airport dominance just behind London-Heathrow (LHR). LGW offers a large range of short and long-haul connections worldwide. The airport is also a major player in the national and regional economy.

The airport is owned by Vinci Airports with a 50.01% stake, and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) holding the remainder 49.99% stakes. Vinci Airports is one of the world’s leaders in airport management and is present in 45 cities and 12 countries in Europe, Asia, and the American continent.

GIP is an independent investor holding interests in transport, energy, and water, and waste sectors while managing assets for over US$68bn in companies operating in 51 countries, counting more than 67,000 employees, and generating approximately US$51bn in revenues.

Article source: Gatwick Airport Press Release

Featured image: London-Gatwick Airport Terminal and Airfield. Photo: Gatwick Airport Media