Photo: Jeat1993 from Wikimedia Commons.

MIAMI – Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico (GAP) has announced the implementation of ameliorated safety measures and cleaning procedures in all its 14 airports across Mexico and Jamaica.

Having received the Safe Travel stamp approval by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to achive recovery protocols, GAP said it is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Measures on social distancing

In 14 airfields, the group has implemented a strict social distancing through limiting access to terminal buildings, shortening capacity in aircars and commercial sites, and allowing separated benches use.

Regarding safe distance in lines, vinyl installations on the floor, and indications for alternating the use of lines have been followed according to safe and healthy guidelines.

GAP has also announced reductions in the use of mobile lounges for remote boarding and disembarking of aircraft, so it proposed passengers to use online, mobile, and self-service check-ins instead where it is allowed.

Aguascalientes International Airport.
Photo: Luis Alvaz from Wikimedia Commons.

Taken actions to ensure individual protection

Beyond suggestions about regular hands washing and use of face mask and gloves, the group will provide antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers at terminal buildings and special containers to dispose of used protective material.

In addition, the 12 Mexican and two Jamaican airports have installed plexiglass shields at documentation, information, immigration, car rental, and customer-facing counters to avoid the potential contagion of the virus.

Gates 2 and 5 of the Tijuana International Airport.
Photo: Victor Zamudio from Wikimedia Commons.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

The airfields will improve their cleaning measures by specialized and periodically disinfection of terminal building areas, equipment and contact point.

Other actions include the disinfection of entrance mats at all airports’ terminals and the use of  state-of-the-art steam-machines for furniture cleaning.

Gates 5 and 6 of the Los Cabos International Airport.
Photo: Jeat1993 from Wikimedia Commons.

New symptomatic policies

The group has announced new policies to ensure staff safety against the threat of COVID-19 both for the infected and the not affected.

If any worker presents symptoms, they will not report for work, instead, they will be home-quarantined following backup teams and protocols guidelines. To avoid this, the new day-to-day at GAP airfields will be the compulsory use of face protection and face masks.

In Mexico, Guadalajara (GDL), Tijuana (TIJ), Mexicali (MXL), Hermosillo (HMO), Los Mochis (LMM), Aguascalientes (AGU), Guanajuato (BJX), Morelia (MLM), La Paz (LAP), Los Cabos (SJD), Puerto Vallarta (PVR) and Manzanillo (ZLO) international airports will start implementing these actions.

In Jamaica, the policies will apply for Norman Manley (KIN) and Sangster (MBJ) international airports as GAP is the owner of both sites.

The group further stated that it will update its safety measures and protocols according to health recommendations issued by the Government of Mexico and national and international organizations.

Swift Air flight 463 at Sangster International Airport. Photo: SymphonicPoet from Wikimedia Commons.