MIAMI – European flight school FlyBy has formally opened its second Pilot training base in Northern Spain. The new base is located at Soria (RJL). The facility will initially accommodate 30 new cadets released in May by a British flight school in Portugal. Those students were midway through their course but were let go due to the impact of COVID-19.

The two-runway (.87 miles/1.4km, and .31 miles/500m) airfield is approximately one hour from FlyBy’s main headquarters at Burgos Airport (RGS). The facility offers fair weather and uncongested airspace and airport facilities. FlyBy plans to upgrade the site with ground school and simulator facilities for up to sixty students.

Photo: FlyBy

Successful Turnaround During Pandemic

The acquisition of the Soria facility marks the latest chapter in FlyBy’s turnaround and growth story. Five years ago, the school was facing bankruptcy with just ten cadets and nine staff. Today, the school accommodates 220 cadets and 55 staff from 55 countries. A group of 26 students is set to join the school in November.

Since 2015, FlyBy’s revenue has increased an average of 65% year-on-year, with year-to-date sales growth of 35% despite the considerable impact of COVID-19 on the pilot training sector. FlyBy is now operating the second highest number of flying hours of any pilot training school in Spain.

This year alone the school has purchased six new trainer aircraft (four PS28 Cruisers, a P2006T, and a Super Decathlon). Also acquired was an Entrol Airbus A320 simulator with PBN and MCC certification, taking the total fleet to 19 aircraft and two simulators. In September FlyBy launched its 147 training with the procurement of a new Metroliner.

Metroliner. Photo: FlyBy

Comments from FlyBy CEO

“At FlyBy, we look at the future with optimism, despite the current situation caused by the pandemic,” said Alex Alvarez, FlyBy CEO. “We have no doubt that the aviation industry will bounce back, and we want to be fully prepared for it.”

Featured image: FlyBy