MIAMI – During the morning of June 08, 2020, EUROCONTROL released its weekly stats for air traffic across Europe skies.

Along week 23 of 2020, Europe’s air traffic surged by 13% with an increment of 675 more flights per day.

Source: EUROCONTROL updates Week 23, 2020.

Still Too Far From 2019 Numbers

If we look at EUROCONTROL’s graph carefully, we can see that the gap of week 23 of 2020 compared with that of 2019 is still large, with an average difference of -83%.

During week 23, the lowest peek average has been registered on June 06, 2020, with a difference between 2019-2020 of -87% amounting to 26,980 fewer movements.

UA NOC ATC CONTROL. (Credits: Author)

Forecast For The Following Weeks

As we look forward to having the stats for the following weeks, we will have an idea of how the forecast might turn out to be.

Due to the continued resumption of flight operations from different EU and Non-EU Airlines, Europe’s skies will see a consolidated growth trend with a greater increment expected from the beginning of July.

The increment is forecasted following the multiple announcements of resumptions of flight operations by many airlines.

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