MIAMI – Eurocontrol data on total network overview for week 37 (September 13 to 19) show results similar to the preceding week with a slightly decreasing total number of flights at 169,471, minus 1.3% week-over-week, but down by 71794 or 29.8% when compared to 2019 traffic.

On a daily basis, the number of flights remained almost stable at 24,210 with a difference of -319 w-o-w. Total delays remained high at 108,873, with an average of 15,553 daily, and increased when compared to the 14046 reported during week 36.

Airlines-wise, the top spot went again to Ryanair (FR) with 2345 flights per day, followed by Turkish Airlines (TK) with 1,221 and minus 3.3%, and easyJet (U2/EC) with 1,071 and minus 1.8% w-o-w. The remaining airlines ranged from Lufthansa (LH) 868 flights to the 195 reported for SunExpress Airlines (XQ). The list is closed by a nonEuropean airline, Qatar Airways (QR) with 189 flights operated during week 37.

Image: Eurocontrol’s Eamonn Brennan Tweety

Top Countries

Traffic at top ten countries sees Germany topping the statistics with 4430 flights and 66% of 2019 traffic and no change on previous results. Spain is the following country with 4105 movements at 76% of last year’s traffic and 3% down over the last two weeks.

The third place on the list is taken by the UK with 3992 flights, equal to 57% of 2019 but showing a 3% increase over the past two weeks.

Lufthansa Airbus A320-200 D-AINC – Photo: RFobert Dumitrescu/Airways

The closing summer vacations period shows on Turkey and Greek data with respectively 5% and 6% lesser traffic compared to the previous two weeks, the results being the largest recorded downtrend in traffic.

The best result for week 37 is reported by France with 3,972 flights, 76% of 2019 traffic, and plus 7% over the past two weeks. The best comparison with 2019 is recorded by Greece with 98% of flights operated on the same day of 2021.

Image: Eurocontrol’s Eamonn Brennan Tweet

Aircraft Data

Traffic data per type of aircraft, calculated on a single standard day of 24k flights, see dominance by single-aisle aircraft, accounting for 56% of the total and 13600 flights operated, while widebody traffic lags behind with 2700 or 11%.

Following are Regional jets and turboprop respectively with 1,700 and 1,600 services and 8% of total traffic each. The remainder is taken up by business and general aviation, helicopter traffic, and military.

In terms of aircraft types related traffic, single-aisles dominate the stats with 13600 flights and 56% of the total. Widebody lag behind with 2700 services or 11%, followed by regional jets and turboprops, with 17001 and 1600 flights respectively, accounting for16% of total traffic.

The remainder is taken by business and general aviation, helicopter, and military traffic.

Article source: Eurocontrol’s Eamonn Brennan Tweets

Featured image: Ryanair Boeing 737-8 9H-QAL – Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways