MIAMI – Traffic is slowly picking up at major European airports as Eurocontrol gives a comprehensive look at the recorded Week 32 (from August 9 to August 15) with the following figures.

Traffic during week 32 stood at 70.5% of 2019 levels with an uptrend of 0.3% compared to week 31, Friday being the busiest day for 2021 with a total of 25934 flights. According to airlines’ schedules, traffic should show an upward trend during the last two weeks of the month.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Top Ten Operators

Ryanair (FV) took the lead on Wednesday, August 11 with a total of 2208 flights, down 15% over 2019 up 9% over the preceding two weeks. Turkish Airlines (TK) was recorded second with 1260 flights, down 15% over 2019 but up 2% over the previous two weeks.

easyJet (U2) reached third place with 1009 flights, down by 46% over 2019 but showing a plus 12% over the preceding week. More airlines data are available on the chart shown hereunder.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Busiest European airports

The Top Ten airports in Europe are Amsterdam-Schipol (AMS) with 1,136 movements and an uptrend of 63 over the past two weeks.

Follows Frankfurt (FRA) with 1040, plus 40, Istambul-IGA (IST) with 1,012 movements, minus 47 over the past two weeks, Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) with 932 and plus 30 over the preceding two weeks. Other airport traffic data are listed on the chart shown here below.

Image: Eurocontrol

Trend and scenarios

Out of the three scenarios elaborated by Eurocontrol, the one based on a 2021 vaccine is prevailing and the actual trend is slightly over the forecasted levels for the period running from August 1 to 11. traffic stands at 70% of the 2019 recorded levels.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Article sourced on Eurocontrol’s Eamonn Brennan tweets

Featured image: Frankfurt Airport. Photo: Fraport Media