MIAMI – According to the latest Eurocontrol data, August traffic shows recovery with wide variations between countries and traffic flows.

With its Data Snapshot of September 7, the European organization for the safety of air navigation gives an illustration of the situation and highlights differences between some of the largest and smallest aviation markets in Europe.

Image: Eurocontrol

Principal European Aviation Markets

The first graphic takes into account the eight largest markets in Europe, namely France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain, Turkey, and the UK. The curbs show total traffic, domestic, international movements as well as overflights and the differences between countries.

For the month of August, the total traffic stood at 71% of the levels reported in 2019 and, with the exception of Germany and Greece, all countries show that domestic traffic has the predominant part with Italy reporting the best results with 107%, followed by Turkey with 101%, Spain with 96%, Norway and France at 94%. The lowest results pertained to Germany with 65% and the UK with 68%. Present data are compared to 2019, comparison with 2020 being biased by the Covid-19 crisis.

The trend, on domestic flights reporting better results than international services, was already observed in previous traffic analysis and continues to be present with Turkey beating 2019 results in July and Italy in August. International movements – arrivals+departures -, which include freighter services and long and short-haul flights, show the effects of the Covid related travel restrictions and remain below the levels reached by domestic activity.

In detail, the lowest scores are set by Norway with 43% of international movements followed by the UK with 46%, less than half of 2019 figures, while the best performance pertains to Greece with 95% of the 2019 international traffic probably due to the high number of key leisure destinations in the country. The remaining countries score between 76% for Turkey and 65% for Germany.

Overflights, also taken into account by the charts, do not bring flights directly to the countries concerned but contribute to generating revenues for the air services providers.

Image: Eurocontrol

Europe as a whole + Israel

Taken as a whole, Europe shows a well-established upward trend for domestic traffic picking up from May onward while international movements show a more timid recovery, started in June, which is, however, showing signs of a flattening trend between July and August. Only overflights show a steady upward trend, started in April but flattening to a steady 77% from July onward.

Image: Eurocontrol

Article source: Eurocontrol Snapshot n° 16

Featured image: Madrid-Barajas Airport. Photo: Fabrizio Spicuglia/Airways