Have you ever been to Japan? This fascinating country is full of places of interest with an invigorating vibe and truly outstanding airports.

Nowadays, some people call it the country of new technologies. In fact, if you want to see all the amazing places, it will be better to do this during the flight.

Speaking about the Japan airports, there are lots of them. And most are gorgeous and comfy and entertaining.

So, if you should spend a long time at the airport while waiting for your flight, you will always find something interesting to see or do.

Here’s a list of the eight airports in Japan you should visit.

1- Narita International Airport Tokyo

This one is the best Japanese airport. In accordance with passengers’ reviews, it is the most welcoming international airport.

There are a pleasant atmosphere and great service at this airport. You can use free Wi-Fi there. Just connect your device and use a rather fast Internet.

Photo: Nanashinodensyaku

If you want to have a rest, you can choose a hotel or a lounge. There is a plenty of hotels there. So, you can have a rest or just take a shower in luxurious conditions.

As for the dining, there is a plenty of cafes at Narita International Airport. The menu is rather wide, so you will find out something tasty for you. Also, there are many stores and shops where you can buy everything you need.

2 – New Chitose Airport Sapporo

The next airport on our list is New Chitose Airport that is situated in Sapporo. It is a wonderful place where you can have a nice time while waiting for the flight.

Photo: 663highland 

There are three Wi-Fi corners where you can use free Internet. Also, you can find out great hotels and nice cafes there. You can have a rest or take a bath in some hotel or special rooms.

Speaking about the dining, the menu is rather different and all the meals are always fresh and taste delicious.

If you want to buy some souvenirs, clothes, food, drinks, and everything you need, you can visit different shops at this airport. Moreover, there are various entertainment programs for children and adults.

3 – Haneda Airport Tokyo

Haneda Airport is one of the best airports in Japan, which is situated in Tokyo.

Sometimes you should wait a bit for the flight. So this airport can provide you with everything you need.

By the way, you can find out the best airlines here.

There is a free Internet access, places where you can charge your devices, and computer center (you have to pay some fee).

Also, there is a big choice of hotels where you can have a rest or take a bath. There are great lounges at this airport.

As for the meals, there is a big range of good cafes and restaurants. All the dishes are very delicious. You can order whatever you want.

There are special smoking rooms, places where you can leave your baggage, shower rooms, and even prayer rooms. Moreover, there are many entertainment programs for children.

4 – Kansai International Airport Osaka

This airport is one of the best Japanese airports, which is situated in Osaka. It has two terminals.

The first one is for international flights and the second one is for domestic flights. Like many other airports in Japan, this one also has some hotels and lounges.

Photo: Konstantin Von Wedelstaedt

You can try their service and be pleased with it. Also, there is free Wi-Fi for the passengers. There are many stores, shops, cafes, and entertainment centers for children.

Moreover, there is a smoking room, place for baggage, 24-hour pet hotel, and three prayer rooms. As for the transport, you can take a taxi or travel by bus to some hotels in Osaka.

5 – Fukuoka Airport

The next airport on our list is situated in Fukuoka. It is the 4th of the largest airports in Japan.

Moreover, it is considered to be the most comfortable airports among others. There are a free Wi-Fi and some Internet kiosks (for some fee). The relaxing lounges can help you to have a rest and have a good time.

Photo: Muyo

There are many shops where you can buy everything you need. Also, there are many nice cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes. There are baggage storage, smoking room, prayer room, and nursing room as well.

6 – Naha Airport

The soxth airport on our list is Naha Airport, which is situated in Naha. It is not the biggest one, but still, it also has a free Wi-Fi and PCs for some fee.

Also, there are some resting rooms with beds. So, you can relax and have a rest there. There are places where you can leave your baggage, smoking rooms, prayer room, and nursing room as well.

7 – Osaka International Airport

Osaka International Airport is one of the best among others. However, it is situated in Osaka and is only for domestic flights.


Like many other airports, Osaka International Airport also has a free Wi-Fi and some computer stations for some fee.

There are two luxurious lounges at this airport. Also, there are several designed smoking rooms, baggage storages, and medical and dental clinic as well.

8 – Chubu Centrair International Airport

The last airport on our list is Central Japan International Airport. It is situated in Nagoya.

This airport is one of the largest in Japan. It is considered to be a gateway for the central area of Japan. It also has Wi-Fi, cafes, etc.

Moreover, there are five fantastic lounges, so you can have a rest or take a shower there.

As for other services, there are smoking areas, baggage stores, prayer room, and a bathhouse. By the way, there is a view of the airplanes in the bathhouse.


As far as you can see, there are many airports in Japan. All of them have some individual features but there are the same options as well (such as free Wi-Fi, computer stations for some fee, baggage stores, smoking areas, lounges, etc.).

However, the quality of the service can vary in each airport.

In any way, we gave you the list of the best Japan airports. Just look through all of them and select the most suitable one for you whenever you have the opportunity to visit this marvelous country.

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