Edinburgh Airport. Photo: ©Ad Meskens

MIAMI – Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is dealing with an unprecedented drop in passenger traffic that implies extremely tough decisions to be taken by the airship authorities, according to an airport spokesman.

As a money-saving action, EDI will enter consultations next week to offer unpaid leave and a shorter working week for staff as it expects a “potential of three months of zero or close to zero passenger demand,” said EDI’s spokesman.

Following the impact of employee’s financial costs, Union Unite has reported that at least 750 workers of its 7,000 could be affected by the airport’s situation.

EDI-Government consultations

“A 45-day redundancy consultation process will now be established from next week for Edinburgh Airport”, confirmed the union in a statement.

Unite, as the UK’s leading aviation union, also warned that “Edinburgh Airport and other airports across Scotland could be on the brink of collapse without the support and stabilizing measures from the Scottish Government.”

EDI’s spokesman revealed that the airport team was looking at how it dealt with the immediate and longer-term effects, adding, “unfortunately, that means taking some extremely tough decisions as the industry continues to react.”

Jobs at risk

According to the Evening News, around 300 of 750’s EDI employees work in security. In addition, Sandy Smart, a Unite regional industrial officer, said that there was a crisis facing the civil aviation industry in Scotland.

“Unite fully understands the scale of this crisis and that’s why we repeat our call for the Scottish government to initiate a task force with immediate effect for the civil aviation industry in order to bring forward contingency plans to enable Scottish airports to remain open and to keep the workforce in employment through this crisis,” added Smart.

The previous passenger numbers in 2019 were 1,309,170, a drop of 1% in comparison to 2018’s numbers.