Dublin Airport. Photo: Dublin Airport

LONDON – January saw the first time, in the 79 year history of Dublin airport, the airport surpassed two million passengers in a single month.

Just under 2.1 million passengers travelled through the Irish capital’s airport which was a five per cent increase when compared to last year.

The biggest reason for this increase in passengers come from the large increase in travellers coming from European destinations, which saw a rise of eight per cent which equated to more than one million passengers.

U.K based destinations, however, have remained static with 745,000 passengers travelling on routes between the UK and Dublin.

The connection between Dublin and North America saw the biggest increase in passenger numbers, with a 22 per cent increase in the number of passengers making the transatlantic flight.

This number could rise as BREXIT talks continue, with European passenger potentially having to clear a new immigration system at UK based airports before connecting on to European destinations, it may see Dublin come through as a more suitable customer choice with it being a part of the European Union passengers would only need to cover the immigration once.

Many other international destinations also grew in passenger numbers in January with the Middle East, North Africa and the Pacific Asia region seeing an increase of four per cent, which worked out to be an estimated 85,000 passengers travelling on this routes.

Three new airlines are expected to be the driving force behind the new services this year with, the airport expecting to open around 21 new routes this year with 14 short hauls and seven long haul routes expected to open.

With TAP expected to operate a 14 times weekly summer service to Lisbon, Air Baltic plan to fly a four times per week rotation to the Latvian capital Riga and Sun Express opening a weekly service to Izmir in Turkey, which the airport said is a gateway for sun holidays in the region.

Dublin Airport, which is the 11th busiest in the European Union saw a total of 31.5 million passengers during 2018 which was a new record for the airport, this was an increase of an additional 1.9 million passengers from 2017.

These numbers show that Dublin airport is committed to continuing to grow and that as BREXIT progresses continues to be agreed on, it may become a hot spot European destination as the issues of movement of people are sorted out.