LONDON – Dubai International Airport has released its annual report for 2018.

It has shown that despite the airport still being the busiest in the world for international travellers, slow growth in 2018 has seen the airport fall short of its passenger numbers target.

The airport had intended last year it said to reach a total of 90.3 million passanger movements through the airport in 2018, however, the airport has only seen 89.1 million.

The airport has seen a rise of only one percent for passenger number from 2017.

This means that the airport recorded its weakest growth in a decade, with many facotrs belived to have affected the passnager numbers.

In the Airports published report its shows that many months saw a decrese in the number of passengers traveling, with March being the airports best month with a 4.5 percent increase in passeneger numbers.

The news will have come as a shock for the airport which has seen consitant and rapid growth over the last 15 years, with the airport becoming the busiest for international travels in 2014 when it over took London’s Heathrow airport.

London Heathrow airport has also seen an increase in passenger numbers this year of 2.7 percent for a total of around 80 million passengers.

This shows that once again that despite having expansion plans in the very early days and being at maximum capacity it is still able to compete with other countries around the globe.

Dubai airports slow growth has meant that the airport has only seen an increase of one per cent in passenger numbers since 2017.

This has been attributed to many factors in the Gulf, with economic slowdown due to oil prices rising and pilot shortages affecting the region’s airlines, this has had a knock-on effect for their travel industry.

Despite the lower than forecast number, Dubai airport has continued to show great promise on its expansion, with increases on passenger experience being at the forefront of their plans.

2018 saw the airport be the first in the world to introduce an electronic passport checker which scan’s the traveller’s passport, eyes and face as they seamlessly walkthrough.

There was good news over at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internation Airport, which has without much of a struggle this year maintained thier place as the world busiest airport, with a total number of 98.6 million passengers being handled at the aiport in the first 11 months of 2018.

The airport is however, yet to release its final and offical figures for the year.

Despite the year of slow growth Dubai airports manager seem confident that they will come out of the slow growth next year and by 2021 they belive that Dubai airport will overtake Beijings Airports and Atlanta to take the title of the world buisest airport.