LONDON – Dubai International Airport (OMDB/DXB) has had to either delay or cancel flights out of the airport following floods after significant rain.

It is understood that some flights have been diverted to near-by Al Maktoum also.

Emirates commented on the incident on social media encouraging those to check their flight status.

“Heavy rainfall has caused disruptions to several flights departing from or arriving at Dubai today. Customers are requested to check their flight status on for the latest information regarding their flights. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Pictures have also emerged via social media of how widescale the flooding has been around the airport.

It is unclear how many flights have been affected so far, but given the intensity of DXB’s operations, it will be substantial.

Locals are saying that they have “never experienced so much rain here”.

Weather stations are saying that it is reaching 150mm per hour between a two and a half-hour period, which has resulted “in water ponds in some areas of the emirate and traffic diversions”.

The Dubai Airports released a statement at the end of the day over the course of a two-tweet thread.

“Operations at DXB continue to be hampered by the knock-on effects of today’s heavy rainfall resulting in a number of flight delays, cancellations & diversions. We continue to work closely with our partners to restore full operations & minimise inconvenience to our customers”.

“However, with additional rain expected later this evening, the disruption is expected to continue for the next 24 hours. Customers are advised to check directly with their airlines for more specific flight information and allow additional time to get to the airport”.

This is a developing story.