LONDON – Dubai International Airport (DXB) has confirmed that they have had to delay and suspend flights due to a drone entering its airspace.

A spokesman for the airport says flights have resumed but there are still delays after they were temporarily suspended for about 30 minutes due to suspected drone activity.

This comes in only two months at London-Gatwick Airport (LGW) in the U.K was closed due to an alleged drone being spotted inside its airspace, causing airlines tremendous losses and disruption to well over 300,000 travelers.

The closure of DXB was not quite as extreme, however, as flights are now operating back at normal levels.

The airport was initially closed at 0613 AM GMT and was reopened about half an hour later at 0645 AM GMT.

Many passengers took to Twitter to show their anger over the disruption caused by the drone, with one passenger noting that his flight was “stuck for ages at Dubai airport,” as “unauthorized drones have entered the airspace.”

This would be the third airport to be disrupted by drones entering its airspace. The first one happened at LGW in December, followed by London-Heathrow (LHR) in January.

All these airports have invested heavily into anti-drone technology, with DXB and LHR using some of the best anti-drone technology available.

It is no coincidence that the three drone sightings have been observed at major airports with a vast number of airplanes scheduled to arrive or depart. DXB currently stands as the third-busiest airport in the world, handling about 88 million passengers in 2017.

Curiously, however, there have not been reports of any of the airports catching or disabling the drones that caused the disruption. Today, DXB resumed operations without mentioning whether the drone operator was captured or found.