ATC Tower at NAP. Photo: Marco Macca - @aviator_ita

MIAMI – The following are the domestic destinations that will be reactivated in the next months to/from Naples (NAP).

Domestic flights

AlgheroVolotea (V7) (4th July)easyJet (U2) (21st July)
CagliariV7 (19th June)U2 (20th July)
CataniaV7 (19th June)U2 (1st July)
GenoaV7(19th June)
Milan BGYRyanair (FR)(23rd June)
Milan MXPU2 (15th June)
OlbiaV7 (20th June)U2 (3rd July)
PalermoU2 (1st July)
Rome FCOAlitalia (AZ)(active)
TurinV7 (3rd July)U2 (1st July)BlueAir (0B) (18th June)
Treviso-Venice TSFFR (2nd July)
TriesteV7(19th June)
Venice VCEU2 (1st July)
Verona V7 (3rd July)
HPhoto: Marco Macca

Here are the reported the international destinations that will be reactivated in the next months to/from NAP.

International flights

AmsterdameasyJet (U2) (24th July)
AthensU2 (21st July)
BarcelonaU2 (16th July)Ryanair (FR) (2nd July)
BaselU2 (17th July)
Berlin TXLU2 (1st September)FR (3rd July)
BordeauxFR (3rd July)
BristolU2 (25th July)
BruxellesBrussels Airlines (SN)(21st June)
Bruxelles CRLFR (1st June)
BudapestFR (4th July)
KefaloniaVolotea (V7)(8th July)
CopenhagenFR (2nd July)
CorfùU2 (15th July)
CorkFR (1st July)
KrakowU2 (3rd September)FR (1st July)
Crete HERV7 (3rd July)
DublinFR (1st July)
DubrovnikU2 (20th July)
DusseldorfEurowings (EW)(active)Laudamotion (OE) (1st August)
EdinburghU2 (23rd July)
EindhovenFR (3rd July)
GenèveU2 (10th July)
HurghadaU2 (1st August)
Ibiza U2 (3rd July)
KaunasFR (2nd July)
Lyon U2 (1st September)
LisbonFR (1st July)
LiverpoolU2 (1st August)
London LGWU2 (25th July)
London LTNU2(17th July)
London STNU2 (14th August)FR (1st July)
MadridFR (3rd July)
MàlagaFR (1st July)
MaltaU2 (20th July)FR (22nd June)
ManchesterFR (4th July)
MarseillesFR (3rd July)
MenorcaU2(25th July)
MykonosV7 (3rd July)U2 (4th July)
NantesFR (4th July)
NiceU2 (11st July)
Palma De MallorcaU2 (17th July)
Paris CDGAir France (AF) (active)
Paris ORYU2 (3rd August)
PragueU2 (31st July)
PrevezaV7 (7th July)
RhodesV7 (6th July)
SantoriniV7 (3rd July)
SkiathosV7 (3rd July)
SofiaWizz Air (W6)(active)
SplitU2 (24th July)
StuttgartOE (23rd June)
Stockholm NYOFR (3rd July)
Tel-AvivU2 (22nd August)
ToulouseFR (1st July)
ValenciaFR(4th July)
VarsaviaFR (2nd July)
WienU2 (1st September)
ZakynthosV7 (3rd July)
ZurichU2 (1st August)Swiss Air (LX)(15th July)
Photo: Tino Caldarelli