LONDON – Things seem to be on the up for Mumbai Airport (BOM/CSMIA) in India as it records handling 42,503 passengers in a single week as domestic flights resumed in India.

It is understood that a total of 391 flights were operated, consisting of 196 departures and 195 arrivals.

31,665 of the flyers represented departures and 10,838 represented arrivals.

Indian carrier GoAir (G8) will join the airport once again this week operating three departing flights and three arrival flights on services to Patna, Lucknow, and Varanasi.

On June 1, being its first day of operations, it carried 858 passengers between Mumbai and such destinations.

The airport was keen to note that the Mumbai-Delhi route was the most popular, handling 8,130 passengers in a single week, representing nearly 20% of the total passengers.

Commenting on the news was a spokesperson from BOM in Mumbai who went over some facts regarding the mandate issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

“Following the mandate by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the State, CSMIA operates 25 commercial passenger flight movements. CSMIA was operating to 14 sectors until Wednesday and saw two sectors – Kolkata and Rajkot – added on Thursday.”

“In the last one week, the passenger load capacity has been the highest on Mumbai-Delhi route with 8,130 passengers departing out of CSMIA,”.

The airport also went on to discuss what safety precautions had taken place since reopening occurred.

“The airport maintenance staff ensures effective sanitisation and disinfection of the entire terminal buildings, including the vital and high touch point areas.”

“Furthermore, the airport continues to undertake severe precautionary measures, including screening of departing passengers, maintaining 2 meters of social distancing, and wearing of masks.”

“The airport has implemented measures to prevent any potential spread of the virus and assure the overall wellbeing of passengers. GVK MIAL continues to work closely with APHO and BMC in their process to curb the spread of the virus and follow all other directives as indicated by the Government of India”.

Only domestic flights will be allowed to operate within India currently as per the lockdown measures instigated by the government.

Suspension of scheduled international commercial flights will continue until June 30, and is overly dependent on the safety of nationals within India.

At the time of writing, the country has had around 5,500 deaths, with 199,000 confirmed cases of the virus.

This death rate is relatively low compared to other countries around the world but the number of cases is increasing every day, with no sight of the peak just yet.

It will be interesting to see whether the number of domestic passenger flights will increase over the next couple of weeks and also whether the government will reinstate international flights to bolster its economy.