MIAMI – At the 29th Airport Council International Europe Annual Assembly, Cork Airport was named Europe’s Best Airport under the 5 million customers rank.

This is the second time Cork Airport has won this award, having previously achieved it in 2017.

The ACI awards are presented to airports for excellence and achievements across multiple attributes: Retail, Operations, Security, Environmental Awareness, Facilities, Community Relations and Customer Service for Passengers and Airlines.

“I am really thrilled that Cork Airport has been named ACI EUROPE Best Airport of 2019,” said Cork Airport’s Managing Director, Niall MacCarthy.

“Anyone who uses our airport knows we pride ourselves on the smoothness and friendliness of the passenger journey,” MacCarthy said.

Cork Airport’s win goes towards its support to passengers with disabilities, strong community engagement and continued development of its network.

“Our excellent team at Cork will continue to work really hard to deliver a great Airport experience and grow connectivity further for the benefit of business and tourism in the South of Ireland,” MacCarthy added.

While Cork Airport won the award, there were other airports that were shortlisted by a panel of expert judged and key institutional stakeholders. Those airports were: Torino Airport, Aberdeen International, Tallinn Airport, Limak-Kosovo, and London City Airport.

Cork Airport is currently in its fourth consecutive year for growth and has a growing route network to over 50 destinations throughout Europe, including destinations that provide long-haul flight connectivity for its customers.

This year, Cork Airport has reported that 2.6 million passengers will use the airport.