MIAMI – Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) and Köln Bonn Airport (CGN) have signed an agreement to develop air cargo traffic between their two regions.

According to a press release from CGN, the collaboration will enhance the exchange of expertise between the two main cargo service airports and will help each airport’s collective air carrier network. The airports also intend to work on cutting-edge projects to develop high-quality eCommerce cargo handling systems.

The deal is a catalyst for the further optimisation of the air freight sector of two airports. Mutual objectives include recruiting additional freight airlines, alleviating on-ground problems and having a rapid effect on moving goods to their final destinations.

RFD and CGN are both dedicated, through the assessment of processes, to support existing cargo customers. It focuses on making the handling of goods more efficient and to reduce logistics companies’ delivery times.

Photo: Köln Bonn Airport

Comments from RFD and CGN

“The clear similarities between our two airports provide us with a forum for proactively and efficiently going forward in order to have a positive impact on industry, sustainable economic development and growth in jobs in our regions,” said Mike Dunn, Executive Director of the International Airport of Chicago. “With our priorities aligned, we will boost our cargo customers’ benefits and capabilities.” 

“With the Cooperation Agreement, we will create a daily contact and exchange forum between Chicago Rock Ford International Airport and Cologne Bonn Airport. The exchange noted above involves not only operations at airports, aircraft operations and handling of cargo, but also security, marketing and sales and growth of the air cargo and e-commerce markets,” said Johan Vanneste, CEO & President, Bonn Airport.

Photo: Köln Bonn Airport

About the Airports

Chicago Rockford International Airport is the 17th largest airport in the USA for air cargo with a landed weight of more than 2.7 billion pounds (1.2 metric tons) in 2020. It is situated 68 miles north-west of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The annual air cargo volume for 2020 reached 383,915 tons, a rise of 17 percent over the last year.

In addition, RFD is the second-largest UPS center in North America and a base of operations for Amazon Air. It was also named the fastest-growing cargo airport in the world, in 2019.

On its part, Köln (Cologne) Bonn Airport is home to the world’s biggest freight carriers, among them UPS, FedEx, and DHL. The airport is situated at the heart of Germany’s urban, business, and industry growth in West Germany, between the City of Cologne and the former German capital of Bonna, in Northern Rhone-Westphalia. In combination, two cities have about 1.4 million inhabitants. Their annual air freight volume in 2020 amounted to 863 000 tons.

Featured image: Köln Bonn Airport