MIAMI — Between January and September, Singapore’s Changi Airport has confiscated over one million items. With approximately 6,800 flights a week, security measures at Singapore’s airport are top priority.

Passengers had to hand over from 142,000 items, such as scissors and pepper spray canisters, to more than a hundred scooters and hoverboards. Moreover, 1.2 million liquids, aerosols, gels, make up and perfumes, were taken away (Roughly 130,000 a month.)

Last year, the number was 9 times lower from this year’s amount. Due to that reason, Changi Airport, with the support and guidance of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), made and printed nearly a million and a half brochures, in four different languages, and delivered the brochures to 20 hotels to disseminate the information to foreign visitors.

Mr Tan Kah Han, director for Airworthiness and Flight Operations, said the following: “Over the past two years, CAAS has been stepping up our outreach efforts (…) Continuous education is essential to ensure that all travellers are informed of the dos and don’ts.”

Late incidents involve lithium batteries from Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphones and hoverboards. Passengers need to be aware about the danger that represents these devices nowadays, and the risks inherent to carry these items onboard.

The CAAS recommends passengers to check the security measures before arriving to the airport, in order to avoid a potential confiscation of their belongings.