MIAMI – The average taxiing time across airports in the U.S. is at around eight minutes while the number stands at nearly 15 minutes for Los Angeles International (LAX), a major gateway and hub for domestic and international flights.

While this extra time taken after landing to get you to the gate might seem like a given, The Greater Los Angeles area hosts another airport that has a taxiing time of nearly zero.

Hollywood Burbank Airport, legally and formerly marketed as Bob Hope Airport and located north of LAX in Burbank, serves downtown and the northern Los Angeles area. It has a unique after landing taxi of just a right turn and a halt. The airport has two near perpendicular intersecting runways 08/26 and 15/33.

Burbank Airport Overview RWY 08/26 and 15/33 | Image Google maps

Unique Landing and Taxi Operations

The 5,800 ft (1,760m)-long Runway 08 features an ILS, VOR, RNAV, and a visual approach, making it the predominant landing runway. It also provides a terrain-free approach path.

What makes this runway special is upon touchdown and deceleration, the landing aircraft just needs to make one right turn from the active runway directly onto the parking bay which serves terminal A.

Terminal has 9 gates/parking bays, all of which are directly linked to Runway 08, making landing and taxiing in just under a minute.

Terminal B on the other hand needs a minute or two of taxiing but provides direct parking if at all Runway 15 is in use. Occasionally flights inbound from Northeast carry out a visual approach on 15 and this runway also needs just one left turn and you’re at the parking bay for Terminal B which has just 5 parking bays.

Both terminals “A” and “B” are connected together and are part of one building.  

Runway 15 is usually used for take-offs due to periodic southerly winds and Runway 08 for landing since it’s the only one with navaids and provides a terrain-free approach path.  

Rapid exit direct to the parling bay | Google maps

A Swift Landing Operation

The Airport has noise abatement procedures in place as its located in a commercial and residential area allowing flight operations between 07:00 am to 22:00 pm.

This real quick landing operation is a unique and fascinating one, which is rarely found elsewhere other than a few remote island airports but to find one in a city like Los Angels is definitely unique, a guaranteed quicker trip home.

Southwest (WN) holds the majority market at BUR at 67% and operates flights to most cities on the west coast. American Eagle (MQ), Jetblue (B6), Spirit (NK), and newly launched Avelo (X) are some others that operate a handful of flights too.

One thing to point out is that the BUR building violates the FAA restriction of distance necessary between a runway and ramp, and plans are in progress for a new terminal north of August 2026.

According to the BUR Scoping Workshop of 2019, the purpose of the Proposed Action is to provide a passenger terminal serving the Burbank market segment that meets all current FAA standards as well as the California Building Code requirements.

“The Proposed Action would further enhance airport safety at BUR by meeting FAA standards consistent with the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A, Change 1, Airport Design, and the FAA’s regulations on the Safe, Efficient Use and Preservation of the Navigable Airspace, described in, 14 C.F.R. Part 77. The proposed replacement passenger terminal would be properly separated from the runways and maintain adequate Runway Object Free Area, Taxiway Object Free Area, and Building Restriction Line standards.”

Featured image: Hollywood Burbank Airport website