MIAMI — A US Airways Airbus A320 aborted a take off in Philadelphia on Thursday evening, causing an evacuation on the runway. An American Airlines Group spokesperson confirms that all 149 passengers and five crew aboard the jet are safe, though two have requested medical assistance.

US Airways flight 1702 was departing for Fort Lauderdale Airport when something went wrong, causing pilots to abort the take off and force the jet back onto the runway. A spokesperson tells Airways that initial reports “indicate [the airplane] blew a tire, and the captain elected to abort the takeoff.” The force of the impact with the ground caused the nose gear to collapse on ‘landing’.

Photos, shown below, indicate passengers evacuating the aircraft via emergency slides, the nose of the plane nestled into the ground and smoking appearing to come from the engines. Live feeds from the local CBS station show emergency vehicles surrounding the jet.

The airline says that the passengers are being given the option to fly out on later flights this evening on a new aircraft.