SXF and the BER construction site. Photo: Günter Wicker.

MIAMI – Once the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) opened its gates this October, the former Schönefeld Airport (SXF) became its Terminal 5. However, the plunge in passenger traffic could make that terminal close in March 2021.

Despite the depot just opening its operations, only 10% of the passengers are traveling through BER. As a result, BER CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup said they are reconsidering the need for T5 for next due to its operating costs.

Halting the service at T5 will affect Ryanair (FR), Condor (DE), Wizz Air (W6), TUI (BY) and SunExpress (XQ), reported Aviation24. The airlines would have to move from T5 to T1.

Former Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Photo: Matti Blume.

Former Airport to Former Terminal

For the opening of BER, Daldrup said that they could not “reliably” prognosticate the development of traffic in the coming years. Due to the pandemic, the first annually expected passenger demand of 34 million would also see a major decline. Following this trend and the BER opening, Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL) announced its closure on November 8.

In the case of SXF as an airport, the reasons for its closure were the same. Its passenger traffic had already significantly decreased over the past 10 years. Even when in October SXF was not completely being subjected to death like how TXl was as per our analysis, the new normal of low demand is changing the industry faster than we could imagine.

Now, the expected transition of the former Schönefeld Airport to BER T5 is not a thing to be happy about anymore. The pandemic continues hurting commercial aviation and another Berlin’s giant could see its last flights depart in less than a year.

Featured photo: SXF and the BER construction site. Photo: Günter Wicker.