MIAMI – As COVID-19 measures intensify in the US, several airlines have canceled flights to/from Oakland (OAK), San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) international airports in March.

By this week, SFO has registered 790 suspended flights while SJC has over 200 and OAK 150 due to the increasing drop in passenger traffic experienced during the current month, according to national air traffic tracking blogs.

Airports in numbers

Southwest Airlines (WN) halted all its international flights last week and evaluates further suspensions between the Bay Area and Hawaii as a reduction plan of non-essential routes is highly affecting the three-airport region.

On Tuesday, Alaska Airlines (AS), which has several operations in the area, also announced a 15% cut of its daily flights and the evaluation of non-operations to its Hawaiian routes. Additionally, United Airlines (UA) registered the most number of cancelations at SFO, according to Flight Aware.

Tuesday cancelations went up 34% in SFO, 16% in SJC and 14% in OAK, out of the total flights arriving and departing, as reported the local media Mercury News. San Francisco remains the most affected, being the Bay Area’s busiest airport.

During the previous week, the number of passengers passing through TSA checkpoints at SJC went down by 68.6% compared to the same three-week period in 2019, said Demetria Machado, a spokesperson for the airport.

Oakland International Airport

Meanwhile, traffic demand dropped 35% at OAK in comparison the same period in 2019, said Keonnis Taylor, a spokeswoman for the airfield while at SFO the passenger number passing through TSA checkpoints in the first half of March declined 29% from the same time period in 2019, according to Mercury.

While the US the government has yet to establish a domestic travel ban, airlines could face a full passenger flight suspension following the 9,000 domestic services that have been canceled and the governmental non-essential travel guidelines in the US.