Photo: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt

MIAMI — Belgian airports canceled a large number of flights on Wednesday as workers were on strike over low pay and poor working conditions.

Flightradar24 reported Brussels Airport (BRU) had the most arrivals and departures delays/cancellations of any airport in the world.

Skeye, Belgium’s air traffic control authority, shut down Belgium’s airspace for 24 hours on Tuesday starting at 10 PM, citing little guarantee as to whether or not employees would come to work.

Photo: Lucash 

Brussels Airport said that the strike is estimated to affect roughly 60,000 travelers as only a handful of cargo flights have departed the airport.

Aircraft flying over Belgium will still be controlled by Eurocontrol but only above 24,500 feet.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport also reported minor delays due to the strikes in Belgium.

Unlike some of its European counterparts, Belgium has not had any major strikes affecting air traffic recently.

French air traffic control strikes are infamous for happening constantly. Since 2005, France has faced roughly 250 air traffic control strikes.

Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, said that talks need to resume by Thursday in order to avoid any further disruption as the strikes have cost airlines and the government millions of euros and affected travelers all over the world.