Stuttgart Airport by night. Photo: Stuttgart Airport

LONDON – Last year, 3,213,695 million passengers took off and landed at Stuttgart Airport (STR). After the drastic slump due to the corona pandemic, that is 74.8% less than in 2019. The number of flight movements fell by 58.7% with 58,803 take-offs and landings at STR.

Airfreight at the state airport was comparatively robust. Last year, a total of 19,083 tons of cargo were handled, a decrease of 25.5%.

Since there were fewer opportunities to take goods with you as additional cargo on scheduled flights, more and more cargo-only flights were carried out, sometimes also with temporarily converted passenger planes.

Gates view at Stuttgart airport. Photo: Stuttgart Airport

Statement from Stuttgart Airport

Walter Schoefer, spokesman for the management of STR, said, “The situation of the airlines and airports is still extremely critical.”

“The announced support from the federal and state governments for the maintenance costs of the airports must be implemented soon, in the form of non-repayable grants. We have to maintain our infrastructure, achieve our climate goals and, last but not least, protect the 180,000 jobs in this industry.”

Dr. Arina Freitag, Managing Director of STR, said, “We have had a historically bad year. We have a long dry spell ahead of us. Unfortunately, the pre-crisis level will only be reached again in the medium term.”

“We have therefore taken numerous measures to ensure the liquidity and future viability of our national airport.”

Featured image: Stuttgart Airport by night. Photo: Stuttgart Airport