MIAMI — A Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway at Manila-Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines. The aircraft’s left engine and main landing gear were detached from the wing following the troubled landing.

Local news reported that a strong thunderstorm passed through the airport at the time of the incident. The Philippines has experienced terrible floodings over the last week. tells that Flight MF8667 had descended to 18,000ft towards Manila, then entering a holding pattern to the north-east of the airport for about 14 minutes before positioning for an approach to Runway 24.

“The approach was aborted at 23:40 and the aircraft position for another approach,” the report says.

“The aircraft touched down at 23:55 but went off the runway.
At the time of the accident, a thunderstorm was passing the airport.”

A Weibo user uploaded a video showing the moment when the aircraft vacated the runway at high speed.

Following the incident, Manila Tower’s controller called numerous times ‘Xiamen Air 8667,’ getting no responses from the troubled aircraft. The controller then asked the following traffic to go-around.

ATC Recording – Xiamen Air Incident

With no fatalities reported, the aircraft is resting at the end of Runway 24. Preliminary reports list a few passengers with injuries.

The following morning, photos emerged evidencing the aircraft’s left engine and main landing gear completely detached from the fuselage.

The airline confirmed that all 165 passengers on-board flight MF8667 were safely evacuated and that no injures have been reported.

Main landing gear detached from the fuselage (Photo:

The aircraft in question is a Boeing 737-85C(WL) (B-5498 • MSN 37574 / LN 3160), delivered to the Chinese airline in 2010.

 Chen Wanping –

Xiamen Airlines is an all-Boeing operator with 168 airplanes in its fleet. The airline runs 147 Boeing 737-700/800s, as well as five 737 MAX 8s, together with a fleet of four 757-200s and 12 787-8/9 Dreamliners.

The overall average fleet age is of 5.3 years—one of the youngest in the Asia-Pacific region.

Based in Xiamen Gaoki International Airport, the airline flies to 63 destinations in Asia, 21 in Europe, and five in North America.