LONDON – Ukraine appears to be an emerging market for Wizz Air, especially this week as the carrier comes one step closer to base operations over there.

The airline’s CEO Jozsef Varadi has been holding discussions with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to discuss the possible re-establishment and opening of Wizz Air Ukraine.

If the talks go in a positive manner, we could see up to 20 Airbus A320/321 aircraft based around the likes of Kyiv and regional areas of Ukraine, amounting to a $2.5 billion investment into the country. 

President Poroshenko emphasised his happiness “about the decision to return to Ukraine” as “proof that Ukraine’s doors are open for the company, and that our cooperation will be fruitful”.

This level of expansion would aim to produce around six million passengers handled per year by 2025 at least. 

It is understood that up to 6,000 jobs would be created indirectly and directly around the country, offering further economic prosperity in the country.

The meeting between Varadi and President Poroshenko seemed positive in the sense that the Ukrainian AOC would be approved by next year at the earliest. 

Varadi went on to emphasise that “Ukraine has always been and remains a very important market for Wizz Air” and that the carrier remains “prepared to scale up its investment in the country near term”.

The carrier has been operating into Ukraine since 2008 and has carried over seven million passengers on routes to and from Ukraine. 

So with a relationship spanning ten years already, Wizz is confident that the timespan of said relations could expand by double and beyond. 

Wizz also added as a more general view that Ukrainian operations could lead to further operations away from Europe, so towards the Middle East more frequently.

It will be interesting to see when this license gets approved and what level of demand we will see when the carrier launches reservations for fliers in the near future.