MIAMI – SEA (Societa per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali) on July 3, 2020, welcomed the Wizz Air (W6)’s first flight of the newly announced Eindhoven route scheduled for summer 2020 from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP).

“Wizz Air’s choice to settle in Malpensa is a great sign of confidence that gives us hope. We are already seeing a recovery at the airport, even if it will be a long one.”

Wizz Air Cerimonial at Milan Malpensa Credit: SEA Milan Airports

Wizz Air And A New Partnership With Malpensa

Along with 6 aircraft based in MXP, 32 destinations of which 20 have not been covered before by W6, the airline’s CEO announced that this is just the beginning.

“Milan is an important market for us,” confirms Joszef Varadi, the CEO of W6, who arrived in Malpensa with the Hungarian consuls to celebrate the beginning of the partnership.

The moment is hopeful: yesterday, Thursday, July 2, 2020, Milan’s airport reached 20 thousand passengers: very few compared to the same period last year, but the faces at the airport are all smiling and it’s easy to see why. “You deserve it, for everything you’ve been through,” says Varadi.

As well as giving some figures on the stability of his company “We are already operating at 60%, and no company has our liquidity: we could stand still for another two years without bankruptcy”.

Wizz Air Cerimonial at Milan Malpensa. Photo: SEA Milan Airports

Wizz Air Environmental Challenge

J.Varadi, during the ceremonial events, explains the plans to improve the sustainability of its aircraft:

“Next year we will have 30 new aircraft, which will be 100 over the next five years. These will be Airbus Neo aircraft, which reduce the noise and environmental impact by 50%. Already today, Wizz Air has the youngest fleet in Europe, with the modern Airbus 320 and 321.”

A focus on sustainability welcomed by Alessandro Fidato, Chief Operation Officer of Sea: “For us, it is essential to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles as much as possible, also to mitigate the effects on the surrounding municipalities.”

SEA and Malpensa Authorities, during the inauguration of the first W6’s flight, showed their gratefulness with Wizz Air’s commitment in this regard.

Moreover, after the reduction of the restrictions of Schengen and non-Schengen flights, SEA plans to increase the number of passengers.

Wizz Air Cerimonial at Milan Malpensa Credit: SEA Milan Airports

New Wizz Air Flights To Malpensa

The number of destinations served by the Hungarian carrier in MXP rises to 32.

Among the aforementioned destination covered, W6 will reintroduce the following routes from/to Reykjavik, for a while not served by low-cost companies: London, Porto, Gran Canaria, Seville, Pristina, Lisbon, Athens, Thessaloniki, Tallinn, Eindhoven, and Marrakesh.

Wizz Air Airbus A320-232 HA-LYW at Milan Malpensa. Photo: ©Andrea Ongaro @alphaoscaraviation

Comments from Wizz Air CEO

Jòzsef Varadi (54), Wizz Air CEO, said, “I am very happy to be in Malpensa and to be able to express solidarity with Lombardy, hit hard by the pandemic, by opening this new base of Wizz Air.”

“The one just made is an important investment in the future, also in relation to the Coronavirus emergency, which will serve to provide security and a push to be able to return to full operation in the shortest possible time.”

“During the most intense period of the Coronavirus, operations fell to 17%, due to the measures taken by the Hungarian government, while, thanks to the reopening of the borders between the various Europe countries, the percentage has risen to 60.”

“Although the restrictions have caused a lot of difficulties and confusion, lowering the market demand, imposing restrictions, and even going to the ban to fly to certain countries, the situation is slowly returning to normal and it is time to look to the future with positivity.”

“The company can boast being the “greenest” carrier in Europe, thanks also to the continuous renewal of the fleet, which in the coming year will see the addition of 20 new Airbuses, helping to make the market environmentally sustainable and lowering the average years.”

Wizz Air Airbus A320-232 HA-LYW at Milan Malpensa. Photo: ©Andrea Ongaro @alphaoscaraviation

Comments from SEA COO

Alessandro Fidato, COO of SEA Group, said, “There are positive signs of a restart. In fact, on July 2nd, we exceeded 20,000 passengers between arrivals and departures with 270 movements.”

“The agreement signed with W6 marks a further step towards the sustainability strategy in which the SEA Group has been committed for some time: the company has the youngest fleet in Europe with aircraft with less than 5 years with low environmental impact.”

“Moreover, [W6] is planning a massive investment plan to rejuvenate the fleet in the short term by inserting 100 Airbus A320neo family aircraft over the next 5 years, which reduces noise and emissions by 50%. For the SEA Group, these are the essential conditions for ensuring the coexistence of the airport’s operations with the territory.”