MIAMI – The Hungarian low-cost, Wizz Air (W6), announced on the morning of June 18, 2020, its 33rd new base: Dortmund (DTM).

From August 2020, W6 will base three Airbus A320 there and it will cover up to 28 routes across Europe.

Wizz Air’s Dortmund Base routes

Wizz Air’s New Routes

  • Dortmund – Alghero
  • Dortmund – Naples
  • Dortmund – Bari
  • Dortmund – Split
  • Dortmund – Corfu
  • Dortmund – Athens
  • Dortmund – Heraklions
  • Dortmund – Santorini
  • Dortmund – Rhode
  • Dortmund – Thessaloniki
  • Dortmund – Podgorica
  • Dortmund – Suceava
  • Dortmund – Zaporizhzhya
  • Dortmund – Lisbon
  • Dortmund – Fuerteventura
  • Dortmund – Marrakesh
  • Dortmund – Cascais
  • Dortmund Keflavik

Bottom Line

After a month of novelties proposed by W6, the carrier intends to gradually overturn the balance of low-cost aviation in Europe.

Wizz Air’s intent is clear, to cover up all those gaps left by the other low-cost carriers due to the coronavirus-induced crisis.

Indeed, with this new expansion policy and the aggressive fares offered to the costumers, the intention of W6 is clear: to expand into the Western and Central European markets by competing directly with Ryanair (FR) and Easyjet (U2).

A new wave in the works

The road is still long, the uncertainties of the market are many, and above all, the demand is still very low.

But in spite of this, W6, thanks to the excellent economic and financial position, can continue its plan of expansion and give a “new wave” to its image, leaving the idea that the company focused only on the Eastern European market.

Last but not least, W6, thanks to the order of 20 new Airbus A321XLR, might sees in the foreseeable future expansions to the U.S. and Asia Markets.