MIAMI – Wizz Air (W6) has announced it will establish two new bases for the carrier at Bari, Italy and Trondhiem, Norway with 14 new routes.

At Bari Airport, W6 will have one based aircraft. However, in Trondheim, it will base two aircrafts. With the announcement of 14 new routes, all of which will be domestic, W6 is set for 83 weekly departures. These will operate in a W pattern with additional routes from other bases.

Both Italy and Norway will have seven of these 14 routes, with Norway seeing 49 weekly departures and Italy 44. W6 will now have three bases in Italy (Bari, Catania, and Milan Malpensa) and two in Norway (Oslo and Trondheim).

Milan Malpensa will have three additional domestic routes (for a total of six), Oslo two (five), and Catania one (five). Furthermore, Brindisi becomes a new airport for W6 while Lamezia Terme returns.  The ULCC will now serve 18 destinations across Italy and 11 in Norway.

However, Tromsø–Trondheim will be unserved when W6 begins it. Still, SAS is set to restart it in April 2021 after suspending it a year earlier.  W6 will compete with Norwegian Airlines (DY) on just two of its coming seven routes.

Photo: Dirk Grothe

4% More Weekly Departures Year on Year

Despite coronavirus, these 14 routes will have 4% more weekly flights than in 2019: 357 versus 344. This is fewer than two additional departures a day, but at least it is positive. In the week W6 starts Bodø–Oslo, the route will be top with 61 departures across four carriers. Nine routes will have more departures YOY, two the same, and three fewer.

With nine extra flights, Bari–Turin will see the most added.  It will now have 18 weekly departures across three carriers.  Will Blue Air (OB) continue? Regardless, Bari–Bologna, and Brindisi–Milan Malpensa routes are next, with eight additional flights apiece. This means they will grow by 89% and 55% respectively.

However, Lamezia Terme–Malpensa will reduce by 14 weekly flights YOY (-27%). This follows the end of Air Italy – which resulted in 17 fewer departures – alongside Ryanair (FR) cutting three and easyJet (U2) one. FR and U2 will inevitably increase their offering in response to W6’s entry. W6 will now operate 11 routes within Norway.

Wizz Air Airbus A321-271N ready for take off from Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Salvatore Michelini – @salv.mike_aviation

Five of Norway’s Top-10 Routes Now Taken by Wizz Air

Five of these routes are within the country’s top-10 by total seats in 2019 while a further two are in Norway’s top-20. Norway’s top-10 had 15.3 million seats last year, OAG schedules data shows, rising to 19.1 million for its top-20.

Oslo–Stavanger is the largest remaining route that could be served.

Wizz Air A321neo taxing at Milan Malpensa Airport. ©️ Fabian Behr