LONDON– The Norwegian airline Widerøe (WF) has agreed to a contract with the Norwegian government to start up a route between Harstad, Evenes, and Bodø. This route has been closed this spring because the route was not profitable.

NRK now reports that the airline and the authorities have entered into an agreement on whether the route will start up again from January 1, 2021.

A Widerøe Dash 8-100 departing Oslo. This is the backbone of the widerøe fleet and is used for their STOL (Short takeoff and landing) routes together with the Q200 type
PHOTO: Peter Bakke/@pit_aviation/Airways Magazine

Now the airline will get paid by the government to fly the route which they had to pay for themselves until the route was closed earlier this year.

It was in February this year that Widerøe was able to announce the closure of the route.

The statement from the company was then:

“Unfortunately, we are cutting absolutely necessary public transport in District Norway,” says Stein Nilsen, CEO of Widerøe.

“We are in a desperate situation. We know that the result of these cuts will be a transport standard in a number of district municipalities that are nowhere near meeting the travel needs.”

“Still, we have no choice. We have had a dialogue with the Ministry of Transport and Communications and our recommendation is that several of these route areas be included as tenders,” Nilsen concludes.

Now one route has become a tender route that the company wanted.

Featured image: Widerøe. Photo: Wiki Commons