Volotea A319-111 after water cannon Photo: Marco Macca - @aviator_ita

LONDON – Volotea (V7), the low-cost airline that links small to medium cities and European capitals, has today inaugurated its sixth Italian base in Naples, Italy.

After V7 October’s announcement regarding its investments and two allocated Airbus A319-100 at the Neapolitan airport, the carrier aims to consolidate its presence with particular attention to its domestic summer offer with numerous connections to Greece.

Naples International Airport (NAP), which serves Naples and the Southern Italian region of Campania, is considered the first airport in Italy, and second in V7’s network due to the volume of tickets available.

As such, Volotea strongly believes in the region’s potential as a tourist center, and with the start of operations in its new base, it wants to increase the volume of passengers traveling to Naples while offering numerous travel opportunities to all those residing in Campania.

Airbus A319-111 reg. EC-MTB taxiing to the gate at Naples International Airport.
Photo ©Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Statement from Volotea CEO

Carlos Muñoz, V7 CEO, said, “After these demanding months, the inauguration of our sixth Italian base acquires a very important symbolic value: we confirm our commitment to supporting the economic fabric of Campania and, at the same time, the restarting of the entire Italian tourism sector.”

“The official start of operations of the new base in Naples, in addition to entailing a consolidation of our routes departing towards some of the most important national destinations, foresees the creation of 48 new direct jobs.”

Muñoz also added, “Thanks also to the consolidation of hygiene measures and safety protocols adopted at all stages of the journey, we are able to guarantee even safer and cleaner flights, offering a healthy environment to protect the health of passengers and crews. On behalf of all V7, I would like to thank the local authorities and GESAC management for their support.”

Airbus A319-111 reg. EC-MTB standing idle after its water cannon salute.
Photo: ©Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Statement from GESAC CEO

Società Gestione Servizi Aeroporti Campani (GESAC) CEO Roberto Barbieri (67), said, “The inauguration of a base is one of the most significant moments for an airport and in this period it is even more important.”

“In the delicate and complex phase of the restart, V7 confirms itself as a strategic partner and first carrier in Naples by number of national destinations and Greek islands.”

Barbieri also said, “This operation responds to our main objectives: to restore connectivity, to contribute to the recovery of the tourist supply chain, to generate jobs and to stimulate the technology that gravitates towards the Neapolitan airport.”

We are ready to welcome passengers with innovative and passenger-friendly health security measures using the most advanced technologies on the market.”

In the photo: Roberto Barbieri, CEO of GESAC, Margherita Chiaramonte, Aviation Business Development Director for GESAC, Valeria Rebasti, Commercial Country Manager Italy & Southeastern Europe for Volotea and Crew of the Airbus A319-111 when cutting the ribbon.
Photo: ©Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Statement from Aviation Business Development

Margherita Chiaramonte, Aviation Business Development Director for GESAC, said, “The opening of the V7 base here in Naples, at this moment, has a double meaning: first of all because an airline like V7 that has decided to confirm this investment is proof of the fact that a low-cost carrier so attentive to the market believe in the Campania market.”

“This is an extremely important signal. Then because V7 is a very dynamic company that has been able to gain more and more market shares over the years thanks to an offer of flights and a good mix between domestic and international flights.”

They are, today, not only leaders in Italy for the number of domestic destinations served, but also leaders in the number of Greek islands served directly from Naples.

Chiaramonte also added, “Our efforts are aimed at reactivating air traffic quickly and consistently. We have worked with airlines in recent months because this restart must take place as quickly as possible.”

In this regard, the director stated that the number of flights reactivated in these weeks was important, “so much so that by the end of August we will have again connected over 90 stopovers in Italy and Europe.”

“So our objective,” said the director, “is to quickly return to what was previously before the Covid-19 situation. Of course, we cannot say how long it will take today; however, there still are all the preconditions for this to happen.”

In the photo: Roberto Barbieri, CEO of GESAC, Margherita Chiaramonte, Aviation Business Development Director for GESAC, Valeria Rebasti, Commercial Country Manager Italy & Southeastern Europe for Volotea and Crew of the Airbus A319-111.
Photo: ©Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Routes available from Naples

Thanks to the opening of its new base in Naples, V7 will consolidate its domestic routes departing from the airport, offering passengers greater frequencies to take off towards the following destinations:

Catania (up to 11 flights per week), Genoa (up to 5 flights per week), Turin (two flights a week), Trieste and Verona (both with two flights a week in the summer and with up to six flights a week in September) and Olbia (up to seven flights a week).

For summer 2020, V7’s domestic destinations from Naples also provide links to Alghero (new 2020 which includes two weekly flights), Cagliari (six flights per week), and Palermo (up to two flights per day per week).

Additionally, Greece lovers will be able to take off from Naples to Mykonos (up to five flights per week), Santorini (up to four flights per week), Heraklion, Zakynthos and Skiathos (all up to three times a week), Rhodes. (up to two weekly flights), Kefalonia, and Preveza-Lefkada (one flight per week).

The two Airbus A319-100 allocated at Naples, configured with 156 seats all in economy class, will guarantee passengers better connectivity thanks to connections with even more convenient timetables to fly to the most important destinations in Italy and abroad.

Airbus A319-111 reg. EC-NCB taxiing to the gate at Naples International Airport
Photo: ©Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Health and Safety Measures

To protect the health of all its passengers and employees, V7 has reinforced hygiene measures following the directives issued by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), and local health authorities.

Additionally, the aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters that guarantee air recycling every 2/3 minutes and remove microscopic bacteria and virus clusters with over 99.9% efficiency, equivalent to hospital operating theatre standards.