MIAMI – Volotea (V7), the airline of mid and small-sized European cities, has launched 40 new routes in all the countries where it is based.

In Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, Volotea is now offering new domestic flights with 15 exclusive connections.

According to V7’s press release, the goal is to provide more domestic opportunities for this summer and to encourage journeys between the mainland and the islands.

The airline announced the restart of flights on 16 June with an Airbus shuttle route between Toulouse and Hamburg.

In Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, the airline is launching a new offer to boost domestic flights, strengthening connections between the continent and islands and increasing travelers’ choices for local summer holidays.

15 new routes will be launched in France, another 15 in Spain, 8 in Italy and 2 in Greece. From the 40 new routes offered, a total of 15 are exclusive.

The airline will also fly to four additional airports previously unserved by the airline: Beauvais in France, Santiago de Compostela, and Granada in Spain and Bologna in Italy.

Both specific information and booking options are available on Volotea’s website as of yesterday.

Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea said, “We are very excited to share the good news of many additional domestic routes launched today.”

“Now that flying protocols are becoming clearer, and that clients will regain the confidence in safe and healthy travel for this summer, we know most of our clients will want to travel more, especially in domestic markets.”

Therefore, we’ve adapted our network by strongly strengthening all of our domestic connections in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece.” 

Photo: Bene Riobó

Volotea new European routes according to country


In France, Volotea offers a total of 15 new routes, among which 5 are exclusive. All the new routes are connecting to holiday destinations in France. Volotea now links almost all of its cities in the Hexagon with Corsica. The airline will also include Beauvais among its new airports for 2020.


In Italy, Volotea launches 8 new routes, among which 5 are exclusive, allowing the airline to multiply connections between Sicily, Sardinia and mainland Italy. The airline will also count Bologna among its new airports for 2020.


In Spain, Volotea reinforces its presence by offering 15 new routes, among which 5 are exclusive.

The airline is boosting connections with the Balearic and Canary Islands. With these new routes, Volotea doubles its routes offer in Spain and will fly to two new airports: Santiago de Compostela and Granada. Volotea will double its presence with a second aircraft at its Asturias and Bilbao bases.


In Greece, Volotea launches two new routes, connecting Athens to Corfu, and Santorini to Thessaloniki. At the same time, the airline will densify the frequency of its flights between the mainland and islands.

New Spanish Bases in 2021

In March, V7 announced it was set to open two to four bases in Spain after it reached an agreement with International Airlines Group (IAG), obtaining more routes and slots transferred from Iberia (IB).

Improving the connectivity across the country, V7 will operate some flights flown by IB and Air Europa (UX) as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with IAG. The scheduled flights will cover Madrid, Asturias, Canary and Balearic Islands, Basque Country, and Galicia.

Following the ownership of UX by IB and to simplify the buyout approval by the Competition Authorities of the European Commission’s (EC), IAG’s airline and V7 arranged a “fix-it-first remedy” deal in EC’s considered routes. The proposal must first be approved by the EC.