Volotea Airbus A319-112 reg. EC-MTM taxing to take off at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca - @aviator_ita

LONDON – Volotea (V7) has officially welcomed the first two Airbus A319 that the airline will be based at Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE).

The new aircraft will allow the carrier to increase its own passenger carrying capacity by 25% for each flight and to offer an even more convenient travel experience, with the carrier guaranteeing maximum safety and hygiene on board.

The move is a strategic decision that will allow the airline to reach even more destinations thanks to the new aircraft distant. According to the company, the new aircraft attest to V7’s development plan, which is to become a 100% Airbus operator in the coming years.

Volotea Airbus A319-111 reg. EC-MUT on final at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Statement from Volotea

Carlos Muñoz, President and Founder of V7, said, “We are happy to welcome these new aircraft which, in Veneto, are add to those already present in our fleet based in Verona.”

“The arrival of the new ones Airbus A319 in Venice represents a further step in the continuous growth path that sees us as protagonists together with the SAVE Group.”

Muñoz also said, “The new aircraft, in addition to allow us to carry more passengers to even more distant destinations, guaranteeing comfort, safety and quality of service on board, they want to send a signal of hope for the whole tourism sector, so severely tested by the climate of uncertainty.”

“The Airbus A319 is an aircraft excellent widespread in the market, which will allow us to offer excellent performance, developing our long-term fleet.”

Volotea Airbus A319-111 reg. EC-MTB taxing to the gate at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Statement from SAVE Group

Monica Scarpa, CEO of the SAVE Group, said, "With the arrival of the new aircraft, the V7 once again proves its own determination to continue to develop its base in Venice, the first ever opened by the company with which we immediately established a relationship of great collaboration." 

"The Airbus A319, in addition to increasing the level of comfort for passengers, it will make it possible to reach medium-range destinations in areas such as the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, which have always been considered interesting for ours airport and territory we serve, but not reachable with the Boeing 717."

"The company is now ready to expand its offer, which can be realized as soon as the conditions of market will allow it."

Featured image: Volotea Airbus A319-112 reg. EC-MTM taxing to take off at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita