LONDON – Volotea (V7) has today released the results it achieved during 2020, recording stable and balanced performances.

Last year, the airline’s strategy was to rapidly redefine its network, focusing mainly on a domestic offering (equal to 86% of its connections), in all the countries in which it operates.

This flexibility strategy, combined with implementing the best operating standards, has allowed V7 to achieve satisfactory results in terms of load factor, punctuality and recommendation rate.

Volotea Airbus A319-111 reg. EC-MUT on final at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Passenger Traffic Data

According to the airline, it achieved satisfactory results in 2020, especially in the Q3, when the company’s operations, compared to the previous year, were 83%. V7 has managed to ensure strong connectivity within its network, while adapting it with a particular focus on domestic routes.

This strategic adaptation enabled the airline to carry 3.8 m passengers during the year, with a load factor of 90.7%. In addition, V7 increased its punctuality rate by 14.6 points (OTP15 by 91.7%) and achieved a level of recommendation from its customers of over 90%.

The company results for 2020:

  • Flights operated: 30,600 (-49% vs. 2019/compared to -56% recorded in the aviation sector in Europe)
  • Passengers Transported: 3.8 million
  • Number of routes operated: 293
  • Load Factor: 90,7%
  • OTP15 Punctuality Rate: 91.7% (+14.6 points)
  • Recommendation rate: 90.6% (+4 points)
Volotea Airbus A319-112 reg. EC-NBC taking off from Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Statement from Volotea

Carlos Muñoz, President and Founder of V7, said, “We feel proud of this data, which is very positive given the current environment. The flexibility and reliability of V7 and its ability to offer a brand new home network in record time.”

“These results, added to the syndicated loan of €150 m signed during the summer, help V7 to enter a position of strength in 2021, to benefit from the expected recovery of short-haul tourist traffic in the spring/summer. also following the progress of the vaccination campaign.”

Featured image: Volotea Airbus A319-112 reg. EC-MTM taking off from Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita