MIAMI – The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) welcomes VOEPASS Linhas Aéreas (2Z) among its member airlines.

VOEPASS Linhas Aéreas is a Brazilian passenger and cargo air transport company that operates in the regional segment with a fleet of 13 ATR 72 and ATR 42 aircraft. It is the oldest Brazilian airline in operation with 25 years of activities. Currently, it operates in 33 cities in all regions of Brazil, including eight destinations in the Amazon region and with slots at the Congonhas Airport – São Paulo (CGH).

According to an ALTA press release, VOEPASS operates with IOSA certification and in codeshare and interline with LATAM Airlines (LA) and GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes (G3), also members of ALTA.

VOEPASS is responsible for the integral maintenance of its fleet with RBAC 145 certification from ANAC – National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil and certification from EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency. In Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, it has a hangar structure where it performs maintenance, dispatch, and operational flight coordination services, as well as courses and training for all its employees.

VOEPASS Linhas Aéreas ATR 72. Photo: Wiki Commons

Comments from ALTA CEO

Executive Director & CEO of ALTA José Ricardo Botelho says, “I am very happy to welcome VOEPASS. An airline that has consistently been growing in Brazil, uniting the country at all its extremes, and taking the benefits of aviation to more places.”

The CEO adds, “Connectivity generates development and for this reason, regional aviation plays a fundamental role in the socio-economic well-being of the population. The arrival of VOEPASS to ALTA adds strength to the work that the region has been developing to develop its capillarity and strengthen the growth of so many economic sectors.”

VOEPASS Linhas Aéreas ATR 72. Photo: Wiki Commons

Comments from VOEPASS CEO

Eduardo Busch, CEO of VOEPASS Linhas Aéreas, says, “Becoming a member of ALTA is a source of great pride for VOEPASS. The association, which plays an important role in the aviation sector, shares the same objectives with us, such as guaranteeing safe air transport in all its aspects, efficiency, and responsibility, including environmental issues.”

” We are sure that it will be a successful alliance and a strong contribution to the development of South American aviation, supporting new projects to expand the air network, connectivity, and strengthen the sector.”

Apart from 2Z, ALTA, with more than 100 members including Avianca (AV), Azul Brazilian (AD), and LA, is a private, non-profit association whose objective is to develop safer, more efficient, and sustainable aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean. ALTA also includes organizations and supplier companies in the aviation industry.

The last time we heard from the association, it was adamant in saying that evidence showed that air travel was not a vector for the spread of COVID-19 and that aviation was the safest and most efficient means of transport, even during the pandemic.

Featured image: VOEPASS Linhas Aéreas ATR 72. Photo: Wiki Commons