MIAMI – Yesterday, October 30, saw ‘Forever Young’ (GVROS MSN: 30885), depart from London Heathrow (LHR) for the last time.

The aircraft headed to Las Vegas as it becomes part of the Atlas Air (5S) fleet of aircraft. The departure follows that of British Airways’ final Boeing 747 only three weeks ago. Once touched down in Vegas it will undergo a customs check before carrying on to Marana Airpark, (MZJ) as VIR841P October 31.

It is dire times for the Boeing 747 or any four-engined aircraft. The current global crisis has led all major airlines to retire larger aircrafts due to decrease in demand and poor fuel efficiency. However, many are being turned into keyrings, some into cinemas, and others as aircraft as with 5S.

G-VROS coming into land at Las Vegas Yesterday ©️ Johann Heske

Au Avoiur G-VROS

Today will have been a sad day for many at Virgin Atlantic (VS). Like its rival British Airways (BA), the airline announced the end of its Boeing 747 operations earlier this year. Now, the airline has one more Boeing 747 that will pass through LHR.

The aircraft departed from LHR at 12:42 this afternoon. It climbed over Ireland before starting its transatlantic crossing. Arriving into Las Vegas at 16:06, after a flight time of 10hrs 22mins.As mentioned above it will under go a customs check as its being imported into the US. Then carry on to Marana Airpark Today (October 31)

Virgin Atlantic’s B747-443 at Ciudad Real ©️ Jesus DTT

One More British 747 at London Heathrow

The departure of G-VROS also means that LHR will now only see one more BA Boeing 747. Unlike BA, which on October 8 sent its last two aircraft from LHR, G-CIVB, sporting the airline’s retro Negus livery, is being turned into an events venue in The Cotswolds. Meanwhile, G-CIVY was sent to St. Athan to be scrapped.

The final BA Boeing 747 that will be seen at LHR will be G-VROY. Currently at Cuidad Real Airport, she’s due to be flown to LHR on November 11, where she will spend a month undergoing final maintenance checks. Finally, on December 16 she will fly to Marana Airpark (MJZ) where she will be handed over to the lessor in preparation for 5S.

Many airlines had already outlined Boeing 747 retirement plans before the current situation. Lufthansa (LH) is currently one of the leading airlines flying the type, although it would be incredibly unlikely to use the aircraft for such a short hop.

Featured image: GVROS leaving Heathrow ©️ Ian Harding