MIAMI – A Virgin Atlantic (VS) Airbus A350-1000 aircraft, registered as G-VJAM, suffered tug damage on Monday at London Heathrow (LHR). No one was injured during the incident.

According to SimpleFlying, the bar that connects the aircraft to the tug ended up underneath the aircraft’s nose landing gear. The photos from the incident also show that the A350’s right-front tire suffered major break damage opposite to the left front tire. At the moment, LHR Fire & Rescue Service attended to remove the tow bar.

A VS spokesperson revealed small details on what had happened. He said the damage occurred during a routine ground movement in the afternoon. Engineers were on-site immediately and worked closely with LHR’s airfield operations team to move the aircraft from the taxiway for repairs.

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 | Kochan Kleps @dose.of.aviation

Aircraft Details

Comprising the Airbus A350-1000-VS fleet of six, the G-VJAM aircraft was the fourth to be delivered in September 2019. The last route that the A350 jet operated was from Los Angeles (LAX) to LHR, according to data. G-VJAM suffered the damage when it was moved following this flight. No passengers were on board.

While it is still a mystery what caused the failure, the airline expects the A350 to return to operation later this week.

Featured photo: Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350-1041, G-VJAM. Photo: Anna Zveveva.