MIAMI — This morning, Sir Richard Branson, the founder and CEO of Virgin Group, announced that Virgin Group’s US operations would be moving to Branson, Missouri, and Virgin America would begin weekly flights to Branson from Los Angeles, New York LaGuardia, and San Francisco.

In a statement, Branson explains:

A few weeks ago I discovered my long-lost relations in the great city of Branson, Missouri. With such a name, I couldn’t resist finding out more about the opportunities for Virgin in Branson.

(Credits: Virgin America)

My great-great-uncle, Reuben S Branson, founded Branson and was the original all-American entrepreneur. As I have followed his lead as an adventure and an entrepreneur, I now want to follow his footsteps into his hometown. I’m proud to announce the Virgin Group’s US operations are moving to Branson, Missouri.

Virgin America are leading the way, announcing a new flight service to Branson from San Francisco. Virgin Hotels are well on their way to developing their next property in Branson, following in the footsteps of Virgin Hotels Chicago. Meanwhile, Virgin Limited Edition has announced their next luxury property will be based in Branson, offering guests exclusive wagon trails.

It is worthwhile to note that today is March 31st, and tomorrow is April 1 which is also known as April Fools Day! However, the airline nor the airport nor the city will confirm nor deny if the story is in fact true, but since Branson is not listed in the cities on the booking site, it would appear that this announcement is just a hoax.

Historically, the Virgin Group has been known for being quite creative and elaborate when it comes to April Fools jokes. In 2013, the company announced that it would create the world’s first glass bottom jet on April 1.

(Credits: Virgin Group)

If you were fooled by the announcement, don’t worry! Virgin America is offering 10% off future bookings if you use the code Branson. Hurry, the discount is valid from now through April 1, 2015 for travel between April 14 and May 21.