MIAMI — The US government has instructed to nine foreign airlines in the Middle East and Africa that personal electronic devices larger than cellphones, will be banned from the passenger cabins, and these will have to be packed in their checked baggage to their final destination.

Donald Trump administration officials said that starting Tuesday morning, airlines flying non-stop to the United States from Amman (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt), Istanbul (Turkey), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Jeddah and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Casablanca (Morocco), Doha (Qatar), Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) will have to enforce this additional security measure in the coming 96 hours.

The officials said no US-based airlines have non-stop flights from the United States to those cities.

Rumors began yesterday when Royal Jordanian and Saudi Arabian Airlines announced that upon request from US Authorities, they would ban the personal electronic devices from the list of allowed carry-on items on board.

The order was based on intelligence reports that officials have refused to disclose.

Back in October 2015, a Metrojet Airlines Airbus A321 was downed due to a suspected bomb. A few months later, a Djibouti-bound Daallo Airlines flight experienced an explosion attributed to a bomb hidden in a laptop, and the bombings in Brussels in March 2016 and Istanbul in June have contributed to the higher security level.

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