MIAMI – Due to the worsening of the current crisis, several US airlines are offering fares as low as US$14 for one-way tickets throughout the summer schedule to ensure some revenue.

As the passenger demand has dramatically gone down and carriers have had to fly almost empty prior to the slot rule ban, companies across the US are reducing flight fares, mostly through June, to try to fill these otherwise ghost flights and guarantee the sustainability of their operations.

The measure is commonly used to increase the demand through incentives much in the way Chinese and Asia-Pacific airlines did after government travel restrictions to those destinations were imposed.

While the current situation is still uncertain, the low-ticket-fare period may be short-lived, that is until travel restrictions are lifted.

Airlines with one-way flights fare between $14 and $39

Spirit Airlines (NK) offers tickets at US$14 for the Baltimore-Los Angeles route. Add a stop and it will run you US$21. American Airlines (AA) sells tickets at US$27 with a connection, and non-stop flights from Boston to Miami at $16.

On their part, United Airlines (UA) offers fares at US$29 from Houston to New Jersey; JetBlue (B6) takes you to Los Angeles for US$19 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida while and Delta Air Lines (DL) takes you to LA from Atlanta at $39.