MIAMI — Cargo carrier UPS has today announced its longest non-stop flight route between Louisville and Dubai, starting on February 27, which will operate on Tuesdays through to Saturdays.

The 7,700-mile behemoth of a route will be operated with the carrier’s recently acquired Boeing 747-8 Freighters, which will be able to carry significant loads of cargo and go the distance at the same time.

UPS believes that this route will be beneficial to improving “time-in-transit” by one day to key destinations in the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.

“The UAE trades with all 50 U.S. states and has grown to become the U.S.’s largest export destination in the Middle East,” said Jim Barber, President, UPS International.

“Dubai’s importance as a global trade hub increases every day – and we’re now getting there a day faster from North and South America with our small package express carrier and cargo offerings.”

This new flight will be part of the carrier’s plans to expand into Dubai, which is conveniently the headquarters to the UPS Indian Subcontinent Middle East and Africa Region. The carrier has had long ties with the city, as it comes up to its 29th year of connections between the two airports.

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When the aircraft lands in Dubai, it will be re-loaded up with new freight and will fly onwards to Shenzhen, China, which is UPS’ largest facility within the Asian continent. Once loaded up again, the flight will return to the Worldport hub of Louisville via Anchorage.

“Growth potential is great for companies accessing the UAE and other rapidly developing industrial and commercial sectors in the region. Our new flight is another example of how UPS’s smart global logistics network, which carries three percent of the world’s GDP every day, constantly evolves to service increasing international trade demands,” he said.

This route will be entirely beneficial to the UAE economy, especially in the run-up to the Dubai Expo 2020, in which UPS will be the official logistics provider for the event

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“Our customers are demanding more capacity, and we’re providing it with this non-stop connection to Dubai,” said UPS Airlines President, Brendan Canavan.

“UPS has made a strategic investment in 747-8 jumbo jets, the largest aircraft we have ever flown, to offer the sustainable lift on long-range international routes like this,” he said.