MIAMI – UPS expects a record-breaking peak shipping season, as Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF) is teeming with activity.

According to, UPS is planning for the peak holiday season in January, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, those preparations kicked into high gear this year with an increase in online shopping.

“We are looking at a record peak season,” said Jim Mayer, public relations manager for UPS. “When you take a look at the increased volume we’ve already seen because of the pandemic with people at home shopping, and add that to the holiday shopping, we are extremely busy.”

It is expected that cargo demand for airlines will continue to rise this month. Worldport, UPS’s Louisville cargo hub, can usually handle approximately 2 million packages per day. But in the days leading up to December 25, it could more than double. UPS won’t say what this year’s amount is supposed to be other than it is set to break records.

Mayer adds, “Our flight activity is way up.” “There are around 380 to 390 take-offs and landings on an average day. Right now, we’re already at more than 450. And we’ll probably be over 500 when we get closer to Christmas.” And there are fast approaching deadlines for UPS holiday delivery.

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport. Photo: UPS Worldport

UPS Teamwork and Hiring

UPS’s PR manager comments that it is all about teamwork at UPS. “Each individual here is critical,” Mayer said. “Whether it’s a pilot flying a plane or mechanic fixing the plane or it’s a package handler at the hub, whether it’s a flight dispatcher making that flight plan, we all have to work together to make sure the planes take off on time, land on time, make sure those packages are delivered on time.”

The cargo company is currently hiring, and many of the seasonal roles are typically filled on winter break by college students, according to the report. UPS can start another hiring round in mid to late January once they go back to school. Many of the positions will start as part-time, but have opportunities for advancement.

UPS is also gearing up for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine for the months ahead, as are many other cargo airlines and cargo arms of various passenger carriers worldwide.

Featured image: UPS Boeing 747-8F aircraft. Photo: CNBC.